The Winter EP

by Cullen Sampson

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I truly appreciate the support and am very grateful for you.


released December 12, 2013

All 5 tracks were 6ix produced beats and CDS provided the rest.



all rights reserved


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Cullen Sampson Oshkosh, Wisconsin

I will create moods & worlds for your ears & mind to live in. I strive to translate my soul's language into sounds. #FullEFFeKK God is #1.

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Track Name: This Moment (Prod. 6ix)

(With lights turned down low
I see how you glow
Right here, yeah this feeling's why I love comin' home

Hey let's grow old
I'll never let you get cold
This love, yeah this feeling's all that I know)

I see your sweet stare through steam, rising from your cocoa so sweet,
Come a little closer, it's warm next to me,
I love it that your sweater's too big, love it when you just sing like nobody's around you, such a beautiful thing
we hop in the car, first I scrape off the windows though, then we head off to get eggnog, as I flip on the radio:
Jingle bells ring, nostalgia in full swing,
Christmas lights in the bushes buried beneath blankets of snow, it's the simplest things
You know
In the warmth of home, lights on the tree, they glow
Bright bulbs paint the background like they Van Gogh,
artistry is a part of me, it paints my heart gold
Cherish moments, all of these, 'cause they flash quick like strobe


Not even wrapping paper on presents tighter than our connection,
when we together we shine bright, no flicker fluorescent,
f-friends and family fuel the fire for success yall are blessings you are angels you are hope, but why I feel so I Am Legend?
I don't know
All this love, yet I feel so alone, I miss home
since last time you saw me I have grown, you should know
I'm headed toward my future holdin' on hope in this moment-um is keepin' me roll-in'side flows
Chasing goals,
on the road,
using music,
just to show that emotions are truth and,
they connect us on a level up above so look up, yeah, we in this together
So keep your smile on,
even in winter weather,
and try to shine on,
like Lenon and Heaven
is where the lives lost,
that we love are just restin' and watching from above,
they help us answer our questions,
yeah it's all love,
make your holidays better than you could dream of,
don't ever settle for lesser 'cause you're a beam of,
bright energy to radiate for all who you encounter on your way to making life great,

and snowflakes they fall,
but eventually get caught,
time brings 'em together,
eyelash flutter and they fall,
eyelash flutter and it's gone, this moment,
but it's preserved in this song, so let's,
keep it in our memory and dust it off after fall
Track Name: Home (Prod. 6ix)
Inside smells of cinnamon and pine
This fire place glows,
sittin' by a nice, warm orange feels so right at home,
my eyes are tired, they're as heavy as this quilt I'm pullin' up to my mind and higher,

Meanwhile, on the highway snow's gettin higher by the minute, but Lord willin I'm comin' home,
So keep the doors open as long as the locks are not frozen
I will come in and tell you where I've been, show to show, note to note,
I been kinda caught up in this moment, yeah I know but

Imma let it let me fall,
Imma let it catch my fall,
I said,
Imma let it let me fall,
Imma let it catch my fall


It's Christmas time
and I've drifted away as life had it's way
with me (with me)
I gotta find balance I gotta find peace,
Imma find those where home is to me,
with the people that are closest to me,
This is what love is to me,
With the ornaments up on the tree,

Verse 2:

Strong like pines,
That's how I see my father
My mother's wise
I really wanna live to honor and symbolize pride in their eyes

These nights are gettin' longer,
The sun is gettin' low about half past five,
These nights are gettin' longer,
I wrote this line about half past five

But soon I'll be sleepin' in my old bed
I'll be home then
and I'll see a few old friends
Reminisce about weekends and how we used to dream about
divin' in the deep end
Head first in a world full of unknowns,
Just a room full of kids with potential,
In outfits since we have outgrown,
No more writin' goals in pencil

(Chorus x2)
Track Name: Snowglobes (Prod. 6ix)
Am I really s'posed to be here
do I fit?
I'm know I'm s'posed to serve a purpose
Is this it?
I'm steppin' on the scene more
Is this what I'm here for?
Do I really belong in a room full of students, questions, and chalkboards?

Verse 1:

'Cause see I'm singin' songs
do I belong? I this what I'm here for?
Or am I just a snowglobe chillin' where it's warm?
Repeatin' myself again and again
I'm feelin
Kinda weird up in my head in my head
I'm dealin'
With the feelin' that I should be ahead of the game,
Meanwhile, I see all my friends graduate
I'm lookin' from behind the glass globe I call my home
On the path less traveled and I'm seein' where it goes


Do they have snowglobes where it's warm?
If so, what are they filled with?
I'm far away from home in a place I don't know
It's what I gotta deal with
They put a new canvas in front of me every day they say,
"Just fill this."
Yeah but how am I supposed to really create when I can't really feel it?

Verse 2:

No matter where you are,
snow or shine,
you're still you.

Environments change,
your heart doesn't have to.

Experienced gained,
as life's thrown at you.

But through it all,
remember to remain true.

And just remember to remain cool,
In tough times remember this tune and simply have the time of your life.

Because life is a gift that flashes quick like Polaroid,
growin' up all my Christmases were filled with toys,
last December 25th: unemployed
But now I'm growin' up and my focus is on gettin' coin,
I'm doin' the stuff I dreamed of as a boy,
I push a button and my wings deploy,
I'm feelin' great up in space,
but sometimes I feel like I miss out on common joys

Track Name: My City (Prod. 6ix)
Verse 1:

X-mas Eve with the family,
went to sleep, I began to dream
wanderin' soul on a quest for me,
I look back, man I thought it was easy,
Little did I know that I was about to go through
soulbreak and catching fire like Katniss, but I knew
it was to make me stronger so I could bring music to you,
with my imagination on a cloud like Goku, Goku


Bendin' corners in my whip, whip
I'm back in my city
I've changed so much do I fit? fit?
I'm back in my city
It was here where this life was a dream for me,
and now I can finally reach it and see,
but these lights, these streets, they made me
yeah this my city

Verse 2:

Birthday: December 27th
Year: 2011
I stayed home all night
and celebrated with a pen and scribbled syllables of songs long as sermons I was reverend,
my vision was of Heaven man I knew that I was destined,
To share a special message, with intellect I started flexin' on instrumentals left and right and every night I barely rested now I'm cruisin' to the music sittin back and just reflectin'



Now he's gaining some momentum,
(A little attention along the ascension)
And look at where it's sent him,
(slightly foreign when lookin' at his reflection)
Into a life that he never knew,
(Pursuing a vision and free from inhibition)
But he knew that it could be true,
(No more wishin', now his attitude is: "just do")


Verse 3:

Back to basics to build a complex concept
Fact of the matter let's face it I'm up next,
Multifaceted, multitalented and using this
to better this cold world that I'm livin' in,
It's igloo season
These hearts are freezin'
and I'm just tryna bring peace and meanin' we all need the healin'
that's how I'm feelin', I rhyme with reason,
the truth on my breath I can see it while I'm breathin'
cruisin the city right lane speedin

Track Name: Resolution (Prod. Prod. 6ix)
It's my New Year's Resolution, to lead this revolution, ay o
It's my New Year's Relsolution, to lead this revolution, ay o

On days like this, I feel so alive
On days like this, I wanna just fly
I see my life, I watch it go by
So I stop time, and live like I'm dyin'

Verse 1:
It's the end of the year, I pray it's the end of my tears, end of my fears
Who am I kiddin', I use those two to fuel my career, well somewhat,
The rest is hard work and focused vision,
I can't fly when I'm locked in prison, so I break bars and avoid conviction,
but it's all about conviction,
it's all about commitment,
it's all about inflictin' wounds on instrumentals that step in the room,
I'm kinda crazy, kinda genius
kinda wavy, kinda seamless,
best of both worlds, wanna be this?
I don't know man, it's not the easiest,
but that's why I love it twice as much as Tony Hawk does shove-it's, ollies, kickflips, and grinds,
I stay 180 degrees straight line toward dreams, tell em I'm comin',
when I work for somethin' I don't stop for nothin',
I keep the faith my faith is blind and I keep on runnin',

Keep it one hundred and keep it pure like flakes of snow
My New Year's Resolution is to lead this revolution, ay o
Keep it one hundred and keep it pure like flakes of snow,
My New Year's Resolution is to lead this revolution, ay o


Verse 2:
It's my New Year's Resolution to lead this revolution,
of dreamchaser nation, of difference makers: our generation,

The key is patience,
The lock is gold,
Put your time in,
Then turn and hold,

Pop it off and take on anything,
in a world where hard work's everything,
Gold lock morphs to a wedding ring,
a commitment to never limiting,
creativity energy love,
forgive enemies don't give up,
way simpler said than done,
set many goals and reach 'em,
Choppin up a beat, 6ix produced this heat,
shout out to the homie,
The Winter EP, CDS via WISC,
get to know me,
initially free, so that's what I'll be,
my brain is holding,
the secrets through thinking positively,
the motto's always:

Keep it one hundred and keep it pure like flakes of snow
My New Year's Resolution is to lead this revolution, ay o
Keep it one hundred and keep it pure like flakes of snow,
My New Year's Resolution is to lead this revolution, ay o

I'm blessed
to live the life that I live,
I don't expect
more than the Lord has to give,
I won't rest
til I progress with this quest,
after part 3
I really wanna move west,
I know I'm talkin' dreams again,
and I don't wanna rush too far ahead,
but my desire's burnin' up, fire, warm, hot, tropical,
I'm rockin' with my tribe and all of us feel so unstoppable